Layout on Desktop OK, Phone Not

Hi, I’m having a little trouble figuring out why my design is doing this.

So I have 2 columns set to flex box. As you can see in one column I have text, the other is an image. Everything looks fine on desktop and tablet but on phone, it’s all messed up. I’ve attached screen shots of both. What am I doing wrong for the phone? I thought I could set up a simple 2 column and have it translate to phone but it isn’t working. Do I need to go in an adjust the phone version or is there a different way I should be setting up the desktop?

Sorry to ask such basic questions but I can’t figure this one out!


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You can set the flex to vertical on mobile, so you have two blocks below each other. This way you have either your image first and then text, or text first and then below the text your image (there is a reverse option in the flex box displays).

That did it! Thanks so much. I forget I can make changes to the phone site without it effecting the desktop.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.


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You’re welcome :smiley: You can ask me anytime.