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I am new. Forgive me for n=being a noob. I’m trying to get my columns to alternate. text white. It works on the desktop. When I go to phone instead of text pic, it is text, text, pic, pic. What is the best way to do this? All help is appreciated

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Fort mobile, pass the ROW element to Flexbox and play with the options to revert the order of the columns on desired elements.

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why don’t you use bootstrap? see most of websites have different views in desktop to mobile and therefore you can either use bootstrap or media queries manually as you can see, for example in this page when you minimize the screen or open it in other devices with mini screens the form of navbar changes and it is all done by css.

Thanks alot! That was a big help!

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I changed the design a little. i have new problem. I used text overlay in my mobile design with interactions. I have a slight gap at the bottom of my overlay where it doesn’t cover the pictures. is there a quick fix. I’m more concerned with the mobile design. I disabled it in the desktop. I am coming from muse, so excuse me for being a noob. I updated the link as well.