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Larger container Width in templates

i noticed that the max width of a container in a template i bought is 1296px, i was wondering how to achieve this,
I know i can add custom code but this does not effect the designer view, and i know i can use a div but i was wondering how the to create a class that changes the container width like in the template.
Does anyone know how to do this

cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @ericson,

Welcome to the Webflow forum.

If the template has a container width of 1296px, that means the creator of the template has made a custom container (using a div) and not used the webflow ‘container’ component.

Have a look at the class name they have given to the custom-made container (possible ‘my-container’, ‘custom-container’, or such like?)

Check the settings for that element/class. You are looking for the setting 1296px (probably in the ‘max-width’). Change that setting to whatever max-width you want. This will affect the change to all elements that use the class name.

Let me know if that makes sense.
Hope that helps.

Hi Keiran

thank you for answering my question, that made perfect sense and has solved my issue

cheers Tim :slight_smile:

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