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Kudos to Webflow

Just wanted to thank all of you at Webflow for creating a great platform.

I have downloaded Coffeecup’s responsive layout maker, Macaw’s trial and Adobe’s Reflow to play and test against Webflow.

You guys have EVERYONE beat by a country mile. Ease of use, speed and options. Pricing is not bad either.

Please keep up with the improvements and keep Webflow as the BEST Responsive System available!

Thanks Mucho!


I DEFINITELY have to second this… Tried “Backdraft” for Freeway Pro, tried Coffeecup’s RLM… Spent too much $$ and time looking for a very well thought out and EASY to use responsive layout maker…

Not any more, my search is ova !! And Webflow does it ALL - not just build a “shell” that has to be populated via another editor after the design is complete… (cough - cough, CC)

Thanks to someone mentioning “Webflow” in the CC Forum though - or I would have never found it !! (Well… At least something good came out of my CC purchase !!)

Your tutorials are fantastic - easy to follow and understand… I can see your Support is Top-Notch as well. No program to download… Easy exports ready to ftp… Quick too !! I just can’t say enough - but

THANK YOU for your efforts on Webflow, keep up the GREAT work and looking forward to whatever else you guys (and girls) have up your sleeves for future development…


I think the only WSWG editor that might compare to Webflow is I have the feeling those guys are cooking something very delicious. But then again, it’s a downloadable software, while Webflow does all the magic via web browser.

Webflow is simply AMAZING! one in a million! :smile: