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Thoughts on Coffee Cups Responsive Web Designer

I personally love webflow and think they are leading the game. So I always like to keep a look out for other companies trying to attempt what webflow does. So does anyone have thoughts on this product? It might have been something already noted since I’m fairly new to the industry but i haven’t found anything on the forum that hinted otherwise

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Without trying the tool just looking at the link saying it uses css frameworks it’s not anything like Webflow. With Webflow you make your own framework as you start from scratch adding you own styles to every single div you drag into the designer. Not saying it’s a bad tool or anything just pointing to differences. Bootstrap and Foundation has pre designed objects that makes it easier, quicker or both to make designs and layouts.

Hi @cfleveratto

A couple of years ago, before I found Webflow, I was looking into CoffeeCup - i’m not sure if they have a CMS solution now, but at the time they didn’t, and that’s what led me to look around and ultimately find Webflow.

It seems well made, and the customer support team were very responsive, but ultimately Webflow blew me away, and seemed to have everything and more I needed out of the box, so i’ve not looked back or elsewhere since!



The capabilities that webflow offers are wayyyy beyond the tool i mentioned so i agree with you @jorn one thing I did like is that they have an responsive email designer which is functional for all email clients and integrates with analytics software like mailchimp. Gives me the piece of webflow that I am used to like breakpoints, css styling, and drag and drop but for things like email campaigns. Just thought I’d put it out there for the forum.

@StuM i always like to look around not because i’m dissatisfied but good to not be closed off and think there is only one solution. However, I agree with you that webflow continues to blow me away with everything they are releasing. I really believe in their product.

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