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Keyword search Jquery library not working - looking for help

Hi community,

Here is my read-only link and here is the live page I am referencing.

On this page, I am using a jquery library to filter results by keyword. The jquery library has been acting funny. When I type in a keyword, it filters correctly. However, when I delete the text I input, it continues highlighting a few letters. The page is not throwing any errors, and it is happening across browsers. I have tried different things, but I have no been able to get it to function properly.

Here are the reference links for the library:

This is the custom code I have input under the project setting’s custom code:

<!-- Start filter search results -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

      list:           '.hideseek-data',
      nodata:         '',
      attribute:      'text',
      matches:        false,
      highlight:      true,
      ignore:         '.ignore-class',
      navigation:     false,
      ignore_accents: false,
      hidden_mode:    false,
      min_chars:      2
<!-- End filter search results -->

Please see the screenshare below. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you!

PS - Tagging @Diarmuid_Sexton as you were the first one to bring this library to the forum.



Looks like I solved my own problem. Well, with the help of a friend haha. I had another script that was interfering with this one. I changed the order of scripts, and it works great.

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