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Responsive Letter Spacing

Hey, i am new to this but i couldnt find an appropriate answer in the forums yet unfortunately.

When i set the letter spacing in the header to px (i want to have it 155px) it wont respect the div containers size its in when on a smaller viewport. I managed to work with vw instead of px but its just the problem in reverse. working with % doesnt seem to work :confused: so my question is, when my body content is centered how do i get the text to respect the size of the div its in on larger AND smaller viewports.

I’d be very happy if someone can help me here

Here is my site preview:

Hi Paul,

What you’re asking is not a simple thing to create, and is kind of impossible to achieve using only CSS & HTML, let alone, using Webflow.
You can do this with JavaScript and 3rd party plugins.
This one for example:

Thanks for your reply!
In the end i managed to make it via a Grid, putting in every letter in a different cell.
Works absolutely fine :slight_smile:

With more text it won’t make sense though