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Keeping large size slider on desktop and laptop

I would like to have my slider be full-width on laptop, and stay that big on Desktop. Right now, the design is stuck at a smaller width.

Preferred size

Smaller size

Problem with having it be a bigger size:
 The problem is on laptops or desktops. We kept this at 960px because if we designed it to be 1200px, the sides would be chopped off when scaling down. We CAN make it responsive to the width, but since the images have a non-standard height, there’s no way to proportionally scale the thing, leading us to getting a ton of the image chopped off on the top and bottom.

Question: Can we specify a set height for the images, so each of the images have their own class, which responds individually, responsively, when screen changes from 960px to 1200px?
Answer: If the height of the slider changes because the heights on each image is different, that’s going to change the height of the banner. That means everything else on the page gets pushed down/up.

I provide these details so you can see the entirety of the problem and then wonderfully suggest a solution. :slight_smile:

did you use a VW (view width) on the slider setting? please provide a share link. and we can help you better


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