Keep the field open - Accordian

after uploading an element to uploadcare (under the lastprofil accordian) it seems the field collapses automatically and the animation resets making it seem broken even though everything is working fine. Same also happens if you input the incorrect field input and the validation warning pops up.

Can someone help with a workaround as to how to keep the accordian open until actually pressed. Cheers

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Solarcontainer

this is what i looks like when opened

'and then after you upload an xlsx file

Basically the whole thing disappears :person_shrugging:

Gonna go ahead and guess it’s cause you’re using dropdowns for the accordions, the dropdown closes for whatever reason and the interactions you have aren’t triggered or break.

I’d suggest you rebuild what you have without using dropdowns and just have the Webflow interactions open and close them when you click on them. Dropdowns can close for an number of reasons. The javascript event listener detects a click outside the dropdown, a focusout event occurs and the dropdown closes, ESC key press can close a dropdown, drops can close due to limited screen space, multiple dropdowns where one dropdown opening would cause another to close, issue with the Webflow interactions.

Basically they close easily, and I’m guessing it’s when you upload, so just kill the dropdown, build your own accordion and have the open and close handle on a click and then make the current interaction that flips the toggle arrow etc part of that. Here’s a very rough cloneable, but you get the idea. You’ve already got most of it there in your project.

thanks for the quick reply, will have a look later