Accordion with Dropdowns & Checkboxes Inside Close When Making a Selection

Hey there :v:
I’m having the following issue:

I have an accordion that has multiple dropdowns inside, and inside these dropdowns is a list of checkboxes.

Now when you click to open the accordion, open one dropdown and the click on a checkbox inside the dropdown - the accordion closes automatically which is not what we want, because the user should be able to select multiple checkboxes inside a dropdown, and then decide if he/she want’s to close it.

The page where the filter is implemented is called ARCHIV (unfortunately the whole page is in german only).

Help would be much appreciated here - I can’t seem to find the issue apart from the interaction that is set to open/close the accordion.

Maybe @PixelGeek or @vincent :full_moon_with_face:

Thank you in advance!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - bildZEITschrift

And the link to the published site: Archiv | bildZEITschrift

So you can’t use the Dropdown element, which by nature closes after an action, because it’s meant to be a navigation bar element.
So the way here is to recreate a similar element using divs and IX.

Thank you for your reply @vincent

The funny thing is, when I remove the interaction from the accordion it actually works with the dropdowns (I removed the interaction now if you wanna take a look: Archiv | bildZEITschrift)

That’s why I think the problem is within the accordion interaction. Do you have any idea why?