Keep class name capitalization on published site

@samliew do you have directions on how to implement custom code to retain capitalisations in the CSS classes? We are using a third party phone tracking company that requires a class of “AVANSERnumber” which won’t work with Webflow’s default “avansernumber” class that Webflow publishes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Yes, simply use the Custom Code component to implement the raw HTML that you want Webflow to keep intact.

Sorry I should have been more clear. I was asking specifically what code you could use to ensure the css on the site was correctly capitalised. Not where to put custom code…

This is the code we added to make it work:

Basically it’s removing the lowercase class and adding the uppercase class to make our phone call tracking work.

It depends on the element that you need this on. Just type in the HTML tag(s) of the element(s) you want in your custom code field.

Also if your current solution is already working, then you could just keep it.