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If Camel Case css class names is still on the table - I could use them

Often I use webflow to edit classes I don’t control the name of.


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Hey Apiant,
I am not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for. Could you elaborate more?


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I am also looking for the ability to input class names EXACTLY as I type them and have the exported/generated code respect that.

Ideally when typing a class name, to flag the system that this is my intent, you could input it with ticks around it like ‘className’ so that it doesn’t generate the classname to be classname (all lowercase)

Example of what is typed vs what webflow should generate:
pgBg000 = pgbg000
‘pgBg000’ = pgBg000

There would be a few exceptions to this such as if someone tried to force a class name using the tick marks that also started with a number (as class names can not begin with numbers)
000pgBg = _000pgbg
‘000pgBg’ = _000pgBg

I’m having a hang up with this right now trying to get webflow to generate class names with uppercase letters…

Is this still on anyone at webflow’s radar?