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JS- Add extra spacing between string

So I added typed.js to my “book online” page, the script is working fine but the words are too bunched together because of my font. Is there a way to add more spacing between each word? I tried adding more spaces as well as some googling but no luck. I’m a coding n00b, HELP!

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You can use custom CSS to add word spacing. No JS is required.

Even though the only place I want to add in the spacing is in this single line produced by my code?

You can also try pressing Shift + Space to add more spaces.

I use that on other parts of the page but that is not working in my string that appears

Ah, since you are dynamically inserting the text, then the method I pointed out is the only way.

I added it like this…

var typed = new Typed(’#typed-text’, {
strings: [‘What can brown do fo’, ‘What can we do for you?’],
typeSpeed: 75,
backSpeed: 25,
loop: false,
cursorChar: ‘_’,
backDelay: 1000,
startDelay: 2000,
word-spacing: 200%;


with no luck, tried percentage too. Am I inserting this into the correct space?