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JQuery UI slider not appearing, could be a design problem?


I am trying to put a Jquery slider UI into a div box, it is appearing on the page but not visually… maybe it is hidden somehow?

live site:

Does anyone have any ideas??

You have a JavaScript error.

Before this line:

selected_symbol_type: 'bottles',

Add this line:



However this is still not working.

Your changes are not published.

Yes, it seems to be published to me i added that line in, still getting an error…

This is still not done

Apologies, this has now been done. Unfortunately the same result

You are now missing the jQueryUI default stylesheet and theme stylesheet.

Hi @samliew

isn’t this not them linked at line 162 & 163?

No, it’s not linked.

If you go Network tab in the console, click filter by CSS, and refresh the page, the two files are not loading.

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ahhh yes! got it, overlooked a simple href