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jQuery Sparklines

Hello Webflow[ers]!

I’d love to be able to add some jQuey sparklines to some card designs that form part of a site I’m designing (something along the line of: would be great).

I’d be super grateful for any pointers of how to embed these in a webflow page :wink:

Kind regards, Rob.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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haha, great, I love those, I have some in a server dashboard and they are so neat… It’s in the documentation, so the graphs are in-line and… working :slight_smile: Now I know whare it doesn come from, thanks.

So, as for the integration, what is your level? You need to follow this and transfer a few things into webflow language. usually such interactions require you to do some or all of the following actions:

link a js library from the header (add custom code)
add a js code at page level in the body (custom code before /body)
give to webflow element the class names they need to have to work
add a bit more script right where the effect appears

Also here you have to crat your own code depending on the graph you need. I’m not a coder, it would take me a bit of time to do it but it’s well explained so it’s possible.

Also you should decide what graph you need, what it does, so you can find help to craft a precise example.

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Hi Vincent,

Apologies for the tardy response! And thanks for the hand holding. Mission accomplished :wink:

Best, Rob.

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