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jQuery effects? - Help!

Before starting, I would like to make sure that webflow enables me to do some set of features. For example, can I code jquery effects in webflow? I would like to add animated numbers (a counter that dynamically counts up to a certain x number). Can these kind of features be included using webflow, or is it much more of a drag and drop tool that just simplifies html and css?

Hi @oscarpierremi,

Yep, you can insert custom jQuery code into any webflow site. We include the latest 1.x version of jQuery in our published and exported code.

Though webflow does not have a built-in code editor, you can add any custom HTML and JavaScript tags into your site settings by following these instructions:

During development, you must either publish or export your site to see the custom JS in action. I would recommend using an external .js file (perhaps hosted on dropbox) so that you can immediately save changes instead of re-publishing each time.

Good luck!

Also: For simple animation effects, I would totally recommend our Interactions system!