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Is it possible to build this within Webflow?

Is it possible to build something like this within Webflow?

Story Carousel

It’s even more intuitive on mobile. I really like this format and I think it has a great future in digital media, but I don’t have a coding background but I know how to use Webflow.

@Mark_Smit hey welcome here! Yeah you can! But I do suggest you to create some animation in adobe XD and export the code and load into the custom CSS! And, your dream website is achievable!

It is indeed possible to create an interaction like that in Webflow. Maybe this video can help you to get the knowledge of how to build the interaction. I did not watch it yet, but Jose’s tutorials are quite self-explanatory and on point, so I guess it is a good starting point for you.

Also, try to google something like “Webflow instagram story.”

Thanks I will look into the video.

I mannaged to build a custom draggable slider using a bit of javascript, the only problem I have is that when I put a video (mp4 or lottie) in a slide it will continue to play even when it is slided out of view.

Instagram doesn’t have that problem.

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Nice! I didn’t know you could see the CSS of your design in Adobe XD. But I don’t think CSS alone would do the trick, it is more a javascript issue. :confused:

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