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Hello world.

I’m looking for a javascript ninja who could help me supercharge some of my projects turning them into progressive apps still hosted on Webflow. The job would require some experience integrating the Webflow API to several other APIs such as Memberstack, MoneyButton, Planaria; I’m adding some links below for reference.

One project in particular would interact with the blockchain so any knowledge of cryptocurrencies would also be valuable but it’s still essentially a Javascript API so that is not so important.

I’ve been using Webflow daily for our clients at Click.Blue since 2014 and I have a good experience with crypto but I am not a coder.

If you’re a JS ninja looking to learn more about webflow and crypto and get involved in some interesting projects, this is a good opportunity for fast learners.

Ideal candidate would be able to deliver on schedule ready-to-use scripts already tested on a copy of the webflow project or in a real-time session over skype. I can give you access to our team account.

Payments can be made in crypto or fiat, up to you.

If you think this could be a good match for you, please contact me at with an expected hourly rate.

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Hello Alan,
Please check your PM.
Anna J

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If there are any new takers, still looking for a Javascript Ninja.