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Javascript implementation

Have you ever come across ?

I used this a few years ago (2009) and it hasn’t changed since then. But to a non programmer and someone with no javascript skills it enabled me to get some fairly sophisticated solutions working properly.

I may look at using it again, I’m sure there were some drawbacks but I can’t remember them at the moment.

IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC IF YOU GUYS could build something like this into Webflow.
If you did that and upgraded the form features, we really would not need to look anywhere else. What an authoring environment that would be. :smiley:

At the moment I am designing around Webflow features, and when a client or I want something not currently included it is very frustrating as I am having to resort to other less streamlined means of creating sites. I realise you’re being inundated with feature requests and you have got the multiple pages working very well and quickly - what’s next?

This would definitely be added to Webflow! I have no doubt about it. Of course the question is how soon. For the next several months we’ll be focusing on core elements - like sliders, inline text editing, nav bars, and more (all those things that you feel like you have to build outside of Webflow which is frustrating).

I’m frustrated that I can’t do those things in Webflow as well. Our goal is to give you guys the elements you need to build a fully functional website in Webflow without having to export and painfully implement other features.