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IX 2.0 - Scroll into view not activating until the page is scrolled a bit

Just another reminder that this issue still exists. 3 years now…

I will look into. I faced same sort if issue a while back


that’s not true. It was fixed a year or more ago.

Hmm okay good to know but I’m certain that’s not the case with content inside of sliders. My client wants a hero slider with Lottie animations on each slide but it makes for an extremely laggy page. I tried using scroll into view to see if it would delay the animation until I enter the related slide but it wouldn’t start until I got to the slide AND THEN scrolled. Not totally looking for a solution anymore since we pivoted to non-animated graphics but It would be nice to know in case I run into the same problem in the future

Interesting. You may want to submit a bug report then.