IX 2.0 - Scroll Into View no offset

Hey Community,

I would know if there is no possibility for “Scroll Into View” to set an offset. My target is to fadein some elements when they scrolled into view, but not immediately.

So I used the following “Scroll Into View” Interaction:

Hi Maurice,

I think Nelson touched on some of these techniques in his iPhone X site rebuild a few weeks ago - maybe not exactly what you are doing but some similar effects. First half of the vid is using IX1, second half is IX2…


Hi @StuM,

I watched the video, but I can´t see that he set up any scroll offset for the fadein of the headers. So I want that they fadein after at the mid of the screen.

Best Maurice

I’ve been wondering about offset too!

Maybe @cyberdave or @PixelGeek know something about that?

So here (read-only) is a really good example for the need of a scroll offset for the “Scroll into View” interaction. Does anybody know something to solve this?

Edit: I would love to have the possibility to say that the interactions starts when the section is in mid of the viewport, like “data-scroll=mid” attribute.

Are there any news about this topic?

Anyone find any answers about this?

at this time we do not have an offset, but you can add a delay to your animations.

If you want, you can always use IX1’s scroll interaction trigger while we work on this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey @PixelGeek,

ok good to know and is this feature on your timeline? If yes, can you say when you will deliver it?


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