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What is offset in Interactions?

I can’t figure it out after playing around with it.

Try offset with the scroll trigger for example. With no offset, an interaction set on scroll for a given element, a section for example, will start as soon as the section enters the page. Set the offset to 50% and the interaction will wait for the elment to be 50% in the page before starting the interaction. It’s handy when you have element appearing with a little slide and an opacity in animation, so that the animation happen when the element is actually visible rather than when it’s barely entered the page and is still very at the bottom.


Thanks @vincent I will play some more with it.

Do you know of a webflow interaction where I can make text fade out as scrolling happens, like the headings in the hero here: ?

Many thx

There is no “capture scrolling” interaction made in webflow.

It’s actually quite well explained in the diagrams at

Note that you count the offsets differently, regarding top or bottom, according to whether you are adjusting “Into View” or “Out of View”.

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