Item Counter in CMS collection


I’m wondering if it’s even possible but how do I make my item counter work with my CMS collection because when I add +1 to my first item counter it’s adding +1 to all item counters because it’s in the colelction list and so it has always the same ID…

Any ideas?



Hi Leon the page you linked gives a 404.

What do you mean by an item counter? A total count of published CMS items in a given collection?

Hi @memetican ! sorry the site is: there you will see the item coutner I mean

Ok, you’re asking about the Finsweet Input Counter.
And trying to create an instance per CMS item?

That’s going to be very messy, you’ll likely do better building your own solution or finding another library, but FS has a paid support forum where they might have a solution for this.

In a custom scripted approach, you can use Webflow CMS-bound IDs or custom attributes to differentiate the items, to make it easy for your scripts to have each set of button affect a different input.

Hmm @memetican

I just thought of Wized + Webflow and a Database and no use of the Webflow CMS, I think this could work better…

The screen you showed is very simple, and probably not worth the added monthly costs.
If you’re trying to build an application though, that’s the direction I’d recommend for non-coders especially.