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It is finally done! I feel whole again!


It is kinda big for me so here I am just telling the world that months of procrastinating are finally over and I am now officially with the cool portfolio site again, yay me!

So here it goes, possibly one of the best looking sites you’ve seen this whole day :wink:

The site is obviously built with as much vanilla Webflow Designer capabilities as possible, the tiny amount of custom code I have used mostly deals with minor stuff (and breakpoints, damn, we really need those custom breakpoints badly, Webflow team!). Effects are all IX2 and clean css (it was even more css-ey before I started optimizing for weaker hardwear, oh well).


It began as a proof of concept once Ineractions 2.0 were released. To test them, the whole space scene with transforming logo was created. I spent A LOT of time on the extremely complex system of evolving my logo during its seemingly simple and short journey from top to bottom of the main page, and it was a study in patience, humility, and a great deal of anger management.

But when I was done with the site a year later I could say that I acquired the knowledge of the most intricate workings of the Webflow Designer and made incredible progress in understanding the code that used to feel simply like some abstract gears rotating underneath my graphic mockups. Now after creating and delivering many Webflow powered projects I cannot imaging going back to static graphic assets.

I am glad that I’ve met a lot of knowledgeable people here on the forums who helped me to deal with my frustrating mistakes during the development process, and set things back on track. I also want to thank Webflow Designer for not being an ass and not derping into the horrible buggy situations that are sometimes reported by other users, haha!

Anyway perhaps now those of you who see me on the forums from time to time will stop asking themselves “who the hell is this guy and why should I even trust his judgement?”.

And just in case anyone see the nasty bug please-please-please let me know. Despite all my perfectionism I may have missed something stupid in the end.


Real nasty bug right off the bat.

I’ve tried double-tapping left and right.

Impossible to do a barrel roll.


Ugh, we need a new interaction abilities right goddamn now! No barrel rolls is a shame tbh :frowning:

this is nuts!!! SO AMAZING!!! Great job! :smiley:

Wow so many details! Amazing work

Just WOW !!!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "jaw drop wow gif"

aww that’s nice of you to say so! “Nuts” is how I felt a couple of months into production with IX2 changing this way and that, after its initial launch, haha.

But all in all Webflow is such a powerful tool that you can do whatever the hell you want and be your own developer, THAT’S nuts :smiley:

It is a wonderful thing - to revisit some online resource you visited many times before and noticing some additional minuscule detail that you know was lovingly crafted but never seen before. This idea is what I usually strive for when working on my projects with WF - the potential is incredible.

Innit, mate? I find the main space scene so soothing and relaxing that I sometimes just open the tab with it in my browser and sit there thinking about this or that design problem.

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I agree! Or just more for now.

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No words…The site is awesome! I love the illustrations, the interactions and everything about it :clap: Great job!