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Issues with the way layout is flowing, two questions

Hey there!

I’m having problems with how my “About” page. In desktop form, I would like the text to stay the same size/width, but have the image shrink to fit the width of the browser. Right now, when you make the browser smaller desktop, the text overlaps the image and is cut off at the bottom.

In iPad and mobile, the text and the image are being covered by the banner and the footer. How do I fix this?

Thank you so much in advance!!

Here is my site:
Read only:

Here’s what I ended up doing to fix the issue, let me know if this is what you were thinking:

@mikeyevin thank you so much! I seriously appreciate the video with voiceover too, that makes it so much easier. Do you have any idea why it’s cutting off the text in 1024px (the smallest desktop size) on the bottom? I’m afraid because many designers use ipad pro and I don’t want a hiring manager to look at it on their ipad if it’s doing that. I created a new read only link if you or anyone else can help:

Of course, glad I could help out. Regarding the issue with the text clipping, that’s because you’re slider element has a fixed height of 720px and the mask is set to overflow: hidden—which clips content extending beyond the element boundaries:


I went ahead and recorded another quick video that should help you get things situated:

@mikeyevin got it! thank you so much for your help, you’re an angel! :innocent: :innocent: :smiley:

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