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Having trouble with animated background and placement

Hey Guys,

I’m having trouble with my site. - here is the read only.

  1. It seems that in chrome on my machine (windows 7) everything lines up fine, looks great. But on my wife’s mac the top most image is off the top of the screen, and on IE the video doesn’t even display.

  2. Also, is there a way to have a static image so it doesnt show up as black when the page starts loading?

  3. And lastly, it seems like when the site resizes to the browser the hero text and image go off screen.

This is the way its supposed to look:
This is the way it looks in IE:

Hi @Deisic, regarding the image that is getting cut off, it looks like you have a transform on the Container element of Move Up 191px, so this causing the image to go above the viewable area.

See my screenshot, you should remove the transform property on the Container.

If you clear that, it should help. I am not sure about question #2, I guess you have to try to keep your video size as low as possible, that would require more investigation of the design.

On #3, select the text and make sure the element is centered with left and right margin set to auto and no left padding or margin (except for auto).

I hope that helps, let me know. Cheers, Dave