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Issues with showing image on hover

Hi there, I’m new to Webflow and have been struggling with hover interactions for a website I’m currently building. I’ve got the basic interaction happening on hover but as you move your cursor off the links (Names) I get this blinking image thing happening as it cycles through all of the other images in the collection list. Also, one thing to note, the page seems to load with the test image visible. Click on to another page and then back to the Directors page and this will show the page as intended before troubleshooting the hover interaction

My intended functionality is to have each image appear on hover and disappear as you take your cursor off the names.

The first 3 names have images in their collections for testing purposes. The rest of the names do not but you can still see this flash of images happen as you take your cursor off the other names.

Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Golden LA