Issues with image reveal on hover & mouse cursor follow interaction

Hi all,

I’m trying to achieve the hover effect in this clonable project: Image Reveal on Hover & Mouse Cursor Follow Interactions - Webflow

I’m trying to recreate this in the projects section of my site, which contains a CMS collection of my portfolio projects. The images are showing up on hover, but they are not following the cursor correctly – every CMS item shows the image on hover, but it’s glitchy, sometimes not showing, and when it does show, it’s not centered to the cursor, but rather shifted up, down or to the side of it.
Can someone help me troubleshoot what the issue is?

I also have a hover animation on each collection item, making it slide upwards by 28 pixels to reveal more details, is this possibly interfering with the cursor follow animation? The image-preview-wrapper that has the mouse move in viewport animation applied to it is set to fixed (same as the example project mentioned above), so I don’t understand how it would be affected by the hover animation of the parent element.

Any help is appreciated! I feel like I’m so close to making it work, but overlooking something :frowning:


Here is my public share link: LINK

Share link doesn’t work :confused:

shoot, sorry, fixed it!