Image reveal and follow mouse on hover


I am trying to create an effect where an image appears and follows the mouse on hover. I am trying to clone the code from this project: Webflow - GB-afterlife

I am trying to recreate the effect in the “List-contain” section of the above project. I have cloned the project and the effect works, however when I copy it into my own project, it does not. I am a beginner at webflow and would really appreciate any help!

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

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Hi Erica :wave:

I would check the original project for custom code (in the site header or footer).

Also, check for Webflow interactions. You have to copy over the element attached to the Webflow interaction for it to carry over. I would guess the interaction you want is called slimer cursor. You’ll want to click on any element on the page and add that interaction to it, and then copy it into your site. Just make sure all of the elements involved in the interaction are also copied over! Don’t be afraid to try a bunch of times to get it to work. It’s somewhat confusing at first.