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Issues with Firefox

Hi, when my page is rendered in Firefox, it shows the menu on a black background, although it should lie on top of the front picture. Any idea why the menu is over the image, and not on it?

Hope someone have an idea how to fix this:)

Hey Cas I don’t see what you’re talking about. Can you show me how to get there?

Hi and thanks for replay:)
Here is a screen shot.

As you can se, the Main menu have a black area behind it, when it actually should be like this (this is from chrome): Where the menu is located ON the images, and not having the image being moved down so there is a black area there. Is this more describing?

Hi, do you still get another result when you look at the page in Firefox? @thesergie

You have a negative top margin on the main image. Chrome is rendering that top margin correctly, but Firefox is not for some reason so that’s why you see that black bar (it’s the body background color). It’s super weird - i’m not sure why firefox is being weird in this situation! I was able to change the margin to -35px and it fixed it. Try that.

WOW, darn, it actually worked changing the image from -34 to -35. Cant say I really understand why that would help, but as long as it did, I cant complain. THANKS for the great help, this was really cool!!!