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Issues with rendering in different web readers

When I launch in Safari and Opera, it works perfectly. But in Chrome, it blows up, so that is fits the whole screen (I am using a Retina Mac book 13), which is not correct. And in Firefox, there are some issues with the Main menu and the first page where the menu is located above the main picture. Any idea what to do?

Hi, I took a look at your site in chrome, but I cannot see where your page is “blowing” up, also the menu looked good to me… I am running chrome on macbook.

Can you check again, maybe take a screenshot, to see if it looks different than below?

Hi @cyberdave and thanks for the help!!

Here are screen shots from the different browsers.

Chrome (here it is filling the screen 100 %, which is not correct, since the Containers should be max 940 pix, and here is is 1150)

Here is from Safari which is 100 % correct

And here is from Firefox where you can see that the menu is above the picture, on a black background

Hi, still cannot reproduce the look you are getting on Chrome. I tested with Safari and Chrome, Chrome version Version 34.0.1847.131 and everything looks correct. I am also running latest version of OSX.

I was able to reproduce the nav bar transparency issue on firefox browser, I am looking in to that. May be browser specific thing, but I am checking.

Hi, hmm, that strange. I am using the latest OSX, but I am also using Version 35.0.1916.86 BETA of Chrome, and it could be the beta which is causing the issues. I will try to download the latest non Beta version and see if that is better:)

Thanks on the help for the Firefox:)

Ok, this is a bit embarrassing, but turns our that the view in the tab on Chrome was set to Enlargement. A bit strange since all my other tabs are in actual view, but then I now know that chrome have different views for different tabs, and even if you close one tab, and open a new one, it will preview the same enlargement for that same page.

But still have issues with firefox for some strange reason.