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Issues with embedded YouTube video

Please navigate to the ‘video issue’ page of my public share.

I am trying to have this video autoplay, loop and display without YouTube controls, which you can see i have achieved using YouTube parameters.

The issues i am having are that when the video loops, there is that brief delay between ending and starting over (caused by the video being in a playlist i suspect?)

There is also the playlist details on hover which i clearly don’t want either.

ideally i want the kind of effect one gets from the ‘Background Video’ option, (autoplays, loops, etc) but i was unable to get that working in this context and suspect it shouldn’t be used for anything but background videos. As such i tried embedding a YouTube video which has come with it’s own issues.

Can anyone advise me on my best course of action? Either fixing the YouTube problems or providing a method to achieve Background Video style without actually being a background?

Thanks guys!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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