Issues with dropdown animation

Hi! I am very much a noob to Webflow, but have scoured the help section/vids/tutorials/general internet for answers to my problem with no dice…so here I am :slight_smile:

I am trying to add an animation to my drop down link menu in my desktop nav, something similar to this custom drop video:


I did not build a custom dropdown though, I am starting with the one dropped in from elements. I have gone through these steps all day and I can’t make it work for the life of me (nothing happens), Ive even started a “bare” test dropdown (outside of any existing classes on the one i’m working with) and I cant even get it to work on that. So I must be missing something – please help! Very frustrated!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi and welcome

It is not the best animation you ever seen - hope it is help you

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Thanks so much! That was a great video and I managed to get that function working. I am however, having an issue with keeping it open so I can see the menu (video attached), I don’t have any weird gap margins on my menu:


Use MouseClick instead of Hover. see the vid

Ahh, im assuming the hover (+ animation) just can’t be done then. This will work for now, thanks a bunch for all your help, very much appreciated :smiley: