Animating dropdown menu list also animates the link and toggle

I’m trying to animate the dropdown menu links on my nav bar but when I setup the animation interaction for the “dropdown”, it also animates the menu link and arrow itself. So if I set it to fade, it will fade out the link, arrow and then the dropdown links as well. I only want it to affect the dropdown links.

I followed this video on the forum to find out how to do the interaction.

Below is an image of the interaction I’m talking about. Any idea how to fix this?


Hey! Could you provide a read only link so we can scope this issue?

Sure here is the read only link

I tried a bunch of different things trying to get the dropdown menu to fade in but it’s not working still. If I set it to “Dropdown Opens” it always animates the link and toggle along with the Dropdown Links.

I just tested the read-only link and the dropdown menu isn’t showing unless you turn preview on and off.

@TexVax Hey TexVax I replied with the read only link for the issue, do you have an idea on what is causing this? Thanks