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Issues with different web browsers/clients

Issue #1:

I’ve been noticing something really strange (what I suspect is a bug) where my text colour doesn’t apply for the “Current” state on my navbar. I try to set the colour to white, but it always reverts back to its original “None” state colour after I either hover over the text, click on the text, or go into view mode.

I asked a few people to use check out the site on a variety of different browsers, and it appeared that I was the only person who could see this issue. (I only saw the issue on Chrome on macOS High Sierra) I tried viewing the site on Safari, and the issue was not apparent. I don’t believe its a Chrome bug however, as I had someone else view the page on Chrome on Windows 10, and the site looked fine.

Issue #2:

Another issue I saw with the site was with the gradient effect on my Safari browser (macOS High Sierra). I set the gradient on Chrome to go from Black -> Transparent, but on Safari (also macOS), the effect went from Black -> Low opacity white. I was able to fix the issue by re-doing the gradient effect on my Safari browser.

Issue #3:

The last issue I saw with the site was with the site layout on a 1475px resolution on different browsers. (Not specific to 1475px, just any low desktop resolution.)
On Chrome and Safari on macOS High Sierra, the site was fine other than a small issue with the navbar. However, on Opera and Chrome on Windows 10, there was an issue with the main site header being spaced incorrectly, but the navbar issue we had on Chrome and Safari was not apparent.

Sorry if this post was confusing, as there were many issues, all of which were inconsistent based on OS and Browser.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi there,

Thank you so much for detailing out these issues, it’s always helpful to understand the context of which these are happening in.

I would love to help out here, would it be possible for you to send the most up-to-date share link for the specific site ? This will help me understand what’s going on a bit more clearly in order to further investigate.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Most definitely, the link is:

The first issue has been resolved by creating a new class for all the navbar buttons. So the issue had something to do with the original class.

Awesome to hear you were able to fix that first issue. I’ll address the other two issues below:

Issue #2
This is an expected issue with Safari and how it renders gradients. I found this overstack thread helpful as far as more info about how it can be worked around if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Issue #3
Would it be possible to share some screenshots of how it looks different? It’s tricky for me to understand what it needs to be looking like as it looks like it is positioned correctly on my end.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you in order to further investigate. :smile:


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