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[Resolved] [Single instance] Bug affecting one class + Gradient issue in Safari

For some reason, two issues have occurred without any changes being made. Please reference screenshots below.

#1) The logo in the header suddenly appeared a lot smaller on the published site compared to the designer. In addition, there’s nothing that will change it’s size. I kick the font sizing up but the published site will not increase it’s sizing.

#2) In Safari, I am getting a very “cloudy” haze over my images; almost as if there is a white gradient. This only occurs in Safari.

Correct Logo sizing in the designer view

Incorrect logo sizing reflected in published site
57 AM

Safari placing a cloudy haze over images (and incorrect logo size)
45 AM

Hi @Syndicate15, thanks for the report.

What sites are you seeing this issue occur in? When did it start occurring? Can you send me the site Read-Only link?

Also, what is the published site url? Is there any custom code being used? Custom code only renders on the published site, so it is good to see if there are any browser console errors on the published site.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @cyberdave , thanks for the quick response!

I haven’t yet looked at any other sites, I just noticed this today when working on a not-yet-launched client site. here is my preview link:

Currently the site is only published to the default URL, as we are in production phase right now.

There is no custom code being used, and no changes were made to the site for 3 days prior to now

Hi @Syndicate15, I am just checking on that site, would it be possible for you to re-publish the site for me one time?

Thanks in advance.

republished just now

@cyberdave any headway? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Hi @Syndicate15

1) The logo

There seems to be a bug in your project. If you duplicate the site, the logo issue is resolved. So, the bug is in this particular project. Can you test the following:

  • Remove the class “Text Block 11” and add it again. Publish the site and see if that fixes the issue
  • Rename the class “Text Block 11” and clear unsued styles from the Style Manager (G)
  • Add a new class and style it again from scratch

If any of these doesn’t work, you may need to duplicate the site to fix the issue.

2) In Safari, I am getting a very “cloudy” haze over my images

You have a gradient and a Solid color overlay on the background video element. iOS Safari is reported to not support multiple background-blend-modes. Try to use either one of them only. Gradients can be problematic, I’d go with the solid color. However, you can test and see which works best.

​Hope this is helpful.

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