Issues with a seemingly simple design and mobile nav bar

I am struggling with two things on my site right now:

  1. On this CMS page, I have a section with a yellow bar that has text on the left and a CTA button the right. I feel like this should be very simple, but I am struggling with making it look correct and responsive. I simply want this to be a bar with text on the left and button on the right, and as the screen gets smaller, the button would move to be underneath. The text is probably complicating this a little bit as I tried to input CMS info for only part of the text.

  2. The 2nd issue that I can’t figure out, is the mobile navbar logo is moving ever so slightly from when I go from the homepage to any other page. It’s very subtle. Not sure why this would happen since the navbar is a symbol.

Here’s the read-only version of the site


If I understood you correctly, I suggest removing the Grid and adjusting alignment of the other elements.

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Oh duh that was easy! Now if I could just figure out this mobile nav bar…

To answer the question about your navbar on mobile -
webflow automatically detects which link in the nav is linking to the ‘current’ page. So when you’re on homepage, because the logo links to the homepage, it gets an additional class of ‘Current’, you can see, it appears in green.
Somehow you have set the padding on the left of the logo to 16px on ‘Current’ and 20px otherwise.
So just change the current one to 20px also and you’ll be fine.

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Thank you. That did the trick!