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! Issue with the Facebook Comments Plugin

Hello all,
I’ve read all about this on the forum and I’ve searched online but I can’t find any solution.
It would be great to have some help as I don’t understand about code and everything I am doing I’ve been learning online, so probably I have wrong steps here.

I have the FB Comments plugin on my website and all it’s working correctly. The thing is - I am not receiving any notifications. I’ve created an App on FB Developers and I am the moderator so I should be receiving them but I’m not. I might have something really wrong with the code, probably on the wrong place.

Link to my read-only website:

Link for my live website:

Link for the plugin I’m trying to put:

So for the FB Comments Plugin I did this:

  1. On the BLOG POST TEMPLATE, Custome Code, I copied:

  2. I created an Embeded Code on the Post Template, where I want the comments to appear (this code gives a dynamic URL because the one provided on Step 3 by Facebook Plugin was showing always the same comments on every post page)

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but I can’t see any comment on the FB App or receive any notifications.

I have the FB App not published but I read I don’t need to publish it to make it work. It can be this?

Many thanks in advance.

Please read the category guidelines so we can help you.

@samliew just did it - sorry, first time here.

So the link to my read-only website:
Link for my live website:

Link for the plugin I’m trying to put:

Let me know if you need something else.

Many thanks in advance!

Only way to receive notifications is to set to manually approve each comment


@samliew I’ve try this and it doesn’t work. I think my Facebook App is not even connected with my website because I can’t see any comment on the moderator. Even new comments, they never go in there. I might have some mistake on the code… any ideas how can I make this work?

Thank you

If you will have similar issues, you can try out using third-party plugins which allow you to avoid coding at all. This is one of them: I use it to display my FB page on my site, but you can use for other purposes (the plugin is fully customizable).