Issue with Section Link in Dropdown Menu Across Different Pages

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working on a project where I have a dropdown menu with several items, including ‘Careers’. This item is supposed to link to the ‘Careers’ section on my ‘Get Involved’ page. I’ve set this up using anchor link with the correct ID.

This is the settings of my dropdown item:
This is the ID of the section which currently lives in the Get Involved Page:

The issue I am facing is that the link works perfectly fine when I’m on the ‘Get Involved’ page using link type ‘/get-involved’ and using section linking ‘#careers’, but it doesn’t work when I am on the other pages such as the Home Page or any of the navigation links. When I click on the Careers item from these pages, it doesn’t take me to the Careers section on the Get Involved page as expected.

I tried to use/copy directly from the page settings the full site of the page and add ‘#careers’ but still dint work, and I also published it to see the site changes just to confirm if it works or not. And lastly I tried using the whole but it’s taking me to 404 page not found.

Thank you!

Hi Weyna,

It’s working fine for me in chrome.
You’ll want to make sure you’re testing navigation on the live site, not in the designer.

If you start at your homepage here-

And click the careers menu option

It’s taking me to the right place in the get-involved page.

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Oh I just figured it out

When I click this instead of previewing in the designer. Omg, what a headache. Sorry it’s just my second month haha Now I know :exploding_head: thanks again!

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