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Issue with scrolls showing after adding an iframe

Hello, would be grateful if someone can help me with this issue i have with my iframe.

I add an iframe with width and height set to 100%. On preview it looks great:

But when I look at it after it is published, there is a scroll bar on the sides:

Is there anything I did wrong and how do I make sure there is no scroll on the sides. This is the link to that page:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Kyler_L !

Try setting the overflow of on your Div Block 20 to Hidden. This will hide any content that goes beyond your container. It looks like there is a little bit of extra space on the bottom which is causing this issue.

Also, while the above will remove all the scroll bars, I also recommend changing the width measurement on your Div Block 20 from 100vw to 100%. If content ever has a vertical scrollbar, in order to achieve true 100vw, the browser will add a horizontal scrollbar to account for the vertical one.


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Hi @Drew_Schafer, thank you for helping me out. I just followed your instructions and the scroll bars are gone.

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Awesome! Great to hear. :raised_hands: