Issue with navbar on tablet

I have an issue with my navbar on tablet. I hope I can explain.

I opened my site on my ipad and the whole navbar shows up, not just the hamburger, which is great. There is enough room for it on the ipad. I have 3 menus that have drop down pages under them, but also, when you click the main navbar title, it takes you to a page also. So for example, I have Company, then under that is News-FAQ-Policies. So if you click on Company, it takes you to a page that is About Us, which is what I’d like to keep. However, on the ipad, when I touch the Company tab, it quickly shows the other drop down pages but takes me to the About Us page. Is there a way to have the main navbar page go to a page but also have the drop downs show up long enough for someone to click on them if they want?

The phone site works fine, the drop downs are there along with the main pages if someone want to go there.

Here is my share link:

Thanks so much,


Anyone? Any ideas? I could sure use some help with this.