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Issue with Flexboxes but only on iPad landscape view

I am having a little trouble with the use of my Flexboxes. I have scaled everything up and down using webflow and also Google Chrome, and everything works fine on my computer screen. However, when I go on my iPad, and turn the screen landscape, the boxes are all over the place and not what I see on my computer screen.

Computer screen:

iPad view:

Here is my public share link:

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On your flex box testimonials dynamic grid, change the layout to full-width in the settings – currently, you have it set to 3-columns and I bet that’s what’s interfering with your flex items.

On the individual testimonial item class, set the flex child size settings to “0, 0, 33.33333333%” and add side padding (for a 3-col layout).

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the advice, however this hasn’t worked, and appears exactly the same on my iPad.

I have resolved the issue, turns out it was the padding that was having an affect on how it was being viewed on iPad.

Awesome… glad you got it sorted out.

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