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Is Webflow capable of this?

Hey folks, below is a link to a website I have developed with the help of a web dev team using other platforms. I would like to know if this is possible to be be developed within webflow itself.

How it works:
It is basically a site which can have multiple categories of products, and users can showcase their products in any of the available categories. Their product will appear as thumbnails which can be clicked for more details. Some users can make their product appear on bigger/prominent thumbnails if they pay for a higher plan, the website offers 4 tiers of plans.

Some other features of the site:

  • User Accounts
  • Adding/Editing Products by users
  • Payment plans
  • Admin control panel see all site activity, and approve/add/edit/remove content on the site

Here is the current example, you can try it for yourself:

Thanks in advance!