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Is this possible with WF?

Hi Guys,
I’m very much inspired by this post that shows a page with a nice “book view” modus to read a short snippet of a book.

In my mind, this is an ideal situation to have visitors read articles on a webpage. In a book-style-way of reading.

Would this be possible to implement in WF? Looking at the code I cannot find out how it would be possible. Would any of you give me some directions?

Thanks in advance,

What do you mean with book style? can be more specific?

@bambanx See this for demo, click the “see inside” button.

Anyway, I don’t believe something like this is really possible in webflow at present time.

bartekkustra should be able to custom code something like this using javascript quite easily.

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Thanks for the input guys!

@bartekkustra can you shed your light about the possibility of creating such a funtionality?