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Is there any way to create a comment field in blog posts without a plugin?

Is there any way to create a comments field at the end of all blog posts without a plugin?
Honestly, I thought this was a basic blog feature, and I am quite surprised that it’s not in the templates for blogs.

@mattvaru You have been amazing so far. Can it really be true that I need to install a plugin for this? I just need a way for readers to comment on my posts and a way for me to reply.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Creating that from scratch will be a pain Louise. Simply due to the fact that you’ll have to create the whole “logic” for it, create a “form” so people can submit the comments, also automate the process of uploading your website, create a way for you to add responses to it… It’s just a lot of things that I don’t really think you should be spending your time doing.

One of my clients has a blog on her website and she is using .

In case you want to learn more about storing user-input using CMS, this video is a great start and shows a lot of things you can use Zappier for.


@rileyrichter will have a tutorial on this soon!

EDIT: @Louise_Hou – I read your question too quickly while on the go. Webflow does not have this feature natively. The tutorial that @rileyrichter is working on is a third-party integration for comments on your website.

Any reason why you don’t want to use a third-party platform?

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yeah, it’s really not that hard to do with zapier. I know @PixelGeek did something similar for tweets being displayed. I use intensedebate for comments, it works well.


Cool. I’ll look forward to seeing that :slight_smile:

Do you, by any chance, know if there is a way to sell Amazon products using Webflow’s eCommerce solution? If you somehow can show amazon products in your Webflow shop? (They buy them in your store but they are sent and handled by Amazon?)

Agree with Sarah. This would be done with Zapier as I can see it, but probably take some time to figure it out exactly… Make a collection that is named “Comments”. Make a reference field in your blog post Collection that is refereed to “Comments” and yeah, again. It needs to be figured out exactly how to do it - once done, connect it with Zapier and have a form that works a comment field.


As far as I know, Amazon does not allow that. It would have to be purchased on their site. Would be nice though.


The reason I don’t like the plugins is that I don’t seem to be able to customize the design of the comments and comment field completely to match my site. I would like it to be a fold-down option that looks somewhat like this:


@Louise_Hou I believe that if you try to use the Zapier solution as mentioned above, you would be able to customize the element of the dynamic rich text (or whatever you use) exactly as you like it - since it would not be any different from any other collection item


Intense debate does allow threaded comments @Louise_Hou. You do need to customize the CSS to make it look nice.

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Hi Louise,

Did you find a way to do this? I am working on it and for both design and SEO reasons (better in your own HTML than in a widget), I would rather have it through our own CMS pages. I found this way:

Webflow form + Zapier + Gsheets

  1. Webflow Form : submission with: name; comment
  2. Rows generated in Gsheets via Zapier connection
  3. CMS item is generated via Zapier connection
  4. CMS item is shown in the comments section in Webflow.
  5. Filter comments per post/page: needed a reference to another CMS page here


  • No “reply” functionality initially:
  • No “account/logged in” functionality.
  • I have to moderate and publish comments (even though this could maybe be done differenlty)
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I agree with @javirevi that it would be a better solution to have it the cms. You have full control of the design. Do you have a working solution for this? I´m not sure how to post a comment and make it relate to the blog post. How do you manage that?

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We have not put it live yet, but I do have a solution:
This is what I mention shortly on the point 5.

  • you basically need 2 CMS collections (the blog posts collection and the comments collection).
  • the fields for the comments are linked through their CMS to their respective page where they were made. This information can be found in the google sheet and passed back with the CMS form, so you know where it comes from.

I hope it is clear. it is a bit of a messy process, but it works.

But having form submissions able to directly sent info into the CMS would simplify the entire process so much!

let me know if you need more clarification, please


Hi, Javier!

I was just wandering across Webflow stuff on Google and found this blog post, and your solution seems amazing to me. I love Webflow for its customizable nature.

Can you tell me if you improve the solution you mentioned above? Did you create a “Reply” feature? What about the moderation issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi everybody, I’m currently building a solution for this exact problem, and our Beta will be launching by the end of the year!

Update on 01/20/21, we’re still testing out our initial closed beta with a few select customers! I will be sure keep everybody posted…!

If you’re interested in our closed beta, send me an email or fill out the form on our landing site.


Looking forward to this. :grin:

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Same! I’m soooo excited to show everybody what we’ve been been working on.

If you have any specific use cases / thoughts / ideas / questions please feel free to hit me up on Twitter @baileysimrell or shoot me an email!

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Very excited for this! Any update on when you might launch?

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Hey, just sent you an email about our closed beta!

Awesome, thanks so much!