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Is there a way to rotate individual characters?

Is there a way to rotate individual characters?

I am trying to do a traditiona East Asian langaguage layout. The language is laid-out in a vertical way, from top to bottom, then lines are from left to right. Basically - exact oppisite of how html works. In Adobe Illustrator I achieve that by rotating the characters by 90º then the entire paragraph by –90º (or the other way round). I know that I can rotate a paragraph in Webflow, but can I rotate individual characters?

Or better yet - are there any other method of creating this type of text layout?


  • Natheniel

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You’ll add an Embed component in your page with some custom CSS code to handle the direction of your text. No need to cheat, I think, CSS is geared for any kind of local text.

Read more below and come back for more help if you need it.