Is there a way to programatically create an order?

Looking to create an order in Webflow from another application. Is there an API for this?

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There is no create order method in the existing API. API Docs → List Orders

Jeff Thanks for confirming. Do you know of another way to create an order in Webflow?

Hi George, what are you trying to accomplish?
I’m not sure how a “create order” API would make sense, because payment processing can’t happen without the user present to supply payment details.

If you’re trying to collect orders from another source and the track them for fulfillment, I’d do that in a separate system- even AirTable would work ok for that.

I’d setup automation to direct orders from Webflow there automatically, for fulfillment, and you can add other paid orders as well, from other sources, or just type them in manually for fulfillment tracking, history, reporting, etc.

Hi Michael,

In our case, the customer wants to do multi-channel selling by adding our live shopping app to their Webflow store. Products need to be exported from Webflow store to the live shopping app, the customer would buy through the live shopping app, and orders need to be imported into the webflow app to be fullfilled. So the payment is not done in Webflow but rather in the live shopping channel. Fulfillment and tracking is done through Webflow.

Got it. Without an Add Order API, I don’t think Webflow’s Order fulfillment can be your source of truth. Most likely your client would need to externalize that somewhere, and pipe orders from all sources into that external order-processing system.

OK, having an Order API is needed to support Multi Channel selling.

My preference for multi-channel selling is to use a dedicated order-processing system. Webflow can support that well as one of the channels, since it has a new order webhook.