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Is there a way to have variety in collection templates?

I have a set of 5 pages in a collection template and for 3 of them I need to have a video at the top and for the other 2 I need to use an image. Is there a way to do this?


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The way to do it that I describe below may be OK for your site but it may not be OK for others, it all depends how versatile the site has to be.

If you have 5 records in a collection, and for 2 specific records you want a video at the top, and for the 3 others an image:

In your collection settings, create 2 fields: one is Featured video, one is Featured image. Put a video in the video field for the 2 records that need a big video on top and let the image field blanK Do the opposite for the 3 other records.

Now design your template. Video section won’t show up when there is no video in the record, and the same for the featured image posts.

This is not versatile because if you need to change this, you have to edit your records.

There are other solutions, for example:

Add 2 switchs to your collection, one called Featured image post and the other featured video post.

Now use those switches and their on or off position to alter the visibility of video and image sections of your posts. The benefit here is when you need to change things, you just have a switch to pass on or off when editing your records.

Thanks for your help. I tried the switch solution but now it is hiding another section (the mission section).

Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am trying to edit the “Courses” collection template page.

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You don’t need to summon me if I already wrote in the discussion ( :

I looked at the page but I need you to tell me precisely where to look. I couldn’t see any conditional visibility set on any element.

Also you should populate the collections with the images, you still have a lot of placeholders and in webflow it’s better to test with real images and content, placeholders sometimes behave in an unexpected way.

I checked again, I see the video when it should be there, and the images. What is missing or behaving weird?

So for example in “pricing for creatives” should have a video and then a section with a color fill + text. But it isnt displaying.

In Comp 101 or Wedding 101 there should be a hero image at the top then the mission section and then the author section.

The course mission section is hidden because you’ve set the conditional visibility to do so

You saved my life! Thank you so much for your help!

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