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Is the meta data structure in Webflow causing bad SERP results?

When looking more in to this it seem like the problem is only on some pages and only on the Weglot translated pages. Will need to investigate more to find out if this is Weglot related or due to a combination of Weglot and other things on these particular sites! :thinking:

Original post:
Have noticed lately that on a Webflow site we made, Google is picking up random texts from the page and showing this as title and descriptions in the Google SERP result. Initialy we thought this was random thing since Google often ignores the meta description.

But when starting to examine the other competitor sites showing in the same google search result, we noticed that on almost all other pages, there was a correlation between page title and meta description on the sites and the actual title and descriptions in the Google SERP results. In some cases description/caption and h1 was used instead for description, but on these sites meta description was either missing or e.g. duplicated with meta title.

Only the Webflow site (of 10 pages checked) seems to show random combinations of alt-texts and paragraphs instead of some sort of title and description data. Why is this?

We notice that Webflow is using structure:
<meta content="text" name="description">

And all other pages is using this structure:
<meta name="description" content"text">

Any ideas?