Is it possible to integrate syncfusion's beautiful calendar via JS?

Does anyone here know if it’s possible to integrate a syncfusion calendar such as this into webflow?

I think a site such as focusmateCom is using a similar one.
Anyways, I think the calendar is beautiful but I can’t work out if it’s possible to integrate into webflow.

Most of the JS syncfusion components will work client side well, so yes they can be integrated with a Webflow site. However some of the features require a server side capability as well. For the library page you sent, that configuration of the calendar is designed to bind to an MS ASP.NET Core SignalR service as the calendar datastore.

You’ll need to figure out where you’re storing the data and what your options are, but you should be able to accomplish quite a bit with the components. Make sure to check the docs for the different configuration options.